Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preparing for a Creative 2010

I've been fortunate to get some vacation time away from the office for the holidays!
I can put a big check next to launching the website, woo hoo!! :-)
Today was productive but it almost felt a bit scattered. I wish there were more of me so that one person could be painting, while another is working on the website, while another is trying to network and learn the crazy business side of the world!
...But for now, its just me, and thats OK! I truly love what I'm doing and can not wait to see how the site grows. More importantly, I can't wait to see how people's live are impacted once I get the cards out there.
I will have some new features and artwork on the site soon...like SHOPPING! :-)

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  1. So proud of you :) It will all pay off in more ways than one. Remember that good ol' patience. And most importantly remember to glorify Him in every aspect! :) PROUD OF YOU!


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