Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain Rain Don't Go Away...

I think most people would describe the weather here in Franklin, TN today as ... "crappy". "Crappy" because the rain and expected tornado watches probably inconvenienced the crowds attending the marathons and festivals today.
But as for me, I LOVE the stormy weather. It was the perfect excuse to stay inside (yes, in PJ's) aaalllll day! But the best part was I got some time to paint. Not for the cards, or a special request for someone, it was just for me. I needed a new painting to accompany the new bedspread I bought last night... so there ya go! There was my productive Saturday. :-)
And for the inspirational part of this blog, I gotta say I love the rain for another reason. I love rain, wind, and thunder because its such an awesome example of God's power. The storms can be intense, but afterwords, there is always light, growth, and a calming sense of peace. No matter what storms you are going through in life, just sit back and know that God will bring forth something positive into your life.  Most of the time, the outcome that God delivers strongly outweighs those stormy times.

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