Friday, July 9, 2010


Wow, sorry about the long delay in writing! Life's been crazy since the surgery....recovering..working...traveling...working...ya know, the usual!
Well TGIF to you all! Today was special, not just because its Friday, but because this is the first Friday of many more to come that I have taken off from work in order to spend more time on my art.
It was one of the hardest easy decisions I've had to make!
Easy because, I obviously need more time to dedicate to my dreams. Hard because, well money is necessary to survive, and cutting my hours at work sounds like a stupid thing to do.
BUT this was the solution I came up with. I work my butt off during the week at my job, so I guess in a sense I owe an extra day a week to my creativity.
I can't imagine getting to do this every day. Must be so awesome to live out your dreams!
I was able to re-design the website, paint a new card, and post a blog!
When you get a chance, please check out the website. It will be under some construction for the next week or so, but for the most part its looking pretty good! The ordering process is ALOT easier now for all of you who want to purchase your Lisscat Creations cards online. And if you are thinking bigger, I will have paintings up for sale soon too! :-)

Well thats enough ramble from me! Just please remember to go after your dreams. You never know what you could do that will change someones day or life for the better!

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