Friday, August 6, 2010

If you lived here....

Slightly exhausted after an insane work week, I decided I should add a new blog post. This may have been inspired after watching the blog-filled movie, 'Julie & Julia'. Ok, who wants a personal chef to have them make those meals?!
Anyway, this week was filled with 13 hour work days which unfortunately didnt leave much time for the creative stuff. Anyone who knows me, knows I am always counting down till the weekend.  But this weekend, I am EXTRA happy Friday night has arrived. I have some great ideas for new card sets, who we will work with on the next featured charity card, and also some fun things for the blog and website. It will be nice to have a little time to start on all of this.
So for quite a while I've had this itch to travel. Not exactly do-able at this point in life, but I did find an awesome opportunity for my art to travel. Its called 'The Sketchbook Project 2011." For $25 I will be sent a blank sketchbook and can use my own creative license to fill it up, with my own art (based off the theme and title for this week's blog "If You Lived Here"). My sketchbook will then be packed and ready to do a multi-city art show tour across the US. Each sketchbook will be tracked so I can see who has been checking out my book. It sounds pretty exciting! I should be getting the sketchbook in the mail next week and cant wait to start on it. Since my Lisscat Creations was made to encourage, inspire, and bless,  I was thinking the sketchbook should be inspirational, uplifting, and fun. I will be sure to post pictures along the way on this journey. And if tour happens to come visit your city, please go check out my little sketchbook. It would appreciate the love! :-)
For more info on this project be sure to check out this link:
The Sketchbook Project 2011

Have a good weekend everyone, and until next time, stay blessed!!

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