Monday, April 25, 2011


Welcome back to Lisscat Creations you can see, we got a make-over. Hope you like! :-D

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!
The holiday this weekend really got me amazing that Jesus did what he did for us out of love. It truly is a miracle and one that is so hard to conceive the idea of. 
But my hope for you is that this Easter filled you with hope and inspiration, too. If Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to be beaten and killed for our sins, its nice to think that he really does care about all the little details of our daily lives too.
It is nice to know that the creator of the universe really cares about our dreams and desires. We just have to have 'faith the size of a mustard seed (which is really small, by the way!). 
So lift up your dreams and goals right now. Thank God for putting them in your heart, and lift them up with faith, thanking Him for helping you to achieve them!
I was going through old artwork today. The first picture posted is a piece from my college days. Its an Indian miniature painting titled "Pursuit". 
The second picture is a signed poster from Monsieur Matisse. You are all familiar with the famous french painter, Henri Matisse. Well this is from his grandson of the same name, who is also a great painter. A friend of mine in college knew him, showed him my artwork, and in return he sent me the signed poster and a very personally encouraging note. The note complimented my work and reminded me to keep doing my stuff. 
I received this note about 7 years ago, and who knew all this time later it would be just the encouragement I would need. 
I know I preach this alot, but always try to encourage others and don't take uplifting words for granted. You never know when even your own smile may turn someone else's day around.

Blessings to you in this last week of April! Hope its a great one!

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