Monday, April 9, 2012


Please forgive me for the lack of posts lately. But it is true that with the supposed absence of activity, there is usually a lot going on behind the scenes.
That's how God works, and I am finding the increasing importance in trusting Him with my life and work! It's when He is quiet that I know He is working on big things "behind the curtain."
Lately I have been taking more chances, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, which honestly, is not the easiest thing for me. BUT so worth it.

Incase you haven't heard I am having a show in August (first once since my college days 6 years ago). The show will display some of my favorite Lisscat Creations paintings, along with my freakishly talented friend Jason Duran of Elegant Interior Painting.

For years, its been on my mind to get back out there and display my art. Fear held me back. But pushing that aside, God was faithful in providing divine connections and some great opportunities.

The show is August 3rd in Franklin, TN (and dont worry, I will be sending you all many friendly reminders as it draws closer) :-)

But for now, I leave you with a brand new painting titled "REVIVE" and the ever comforting reminder to go after your dreams because GOD IS FAITHFUL!

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