Thursday, January 14, 2010


It seems like every day we get so caught up in the routine, the 9-5's, taking care of the many items that yank at our attention. These things that sometimes cause us to become frustrated and cranky instead of thankful and giving.

That is until our eyes are opened by a devastation.

We have all seen the haunting images and sad stories departing from Haiti this week after the earthquake. I won't recall all the horror these people have had to live through, but I do want to just stop, and take a minute to pray for these people.

The last week I have been sick with some kinda not-so-fun stomach bug, and yeh, not loving life.
I have this tendency to work really hard. Sure that doesnt sound like a bad thing, but when you begin not taking care of yourself and letting yourself get so worn down that you get sick, that isn't healthy. So after working a crazy long day, pushing pushing pushing, I got some kinda sick!
And really, I beleive that was not from God, but I beleive He allowed it to happen as a reminder for me to SLOW DOWN, and remember everything else that is important in my life.

I shouldnt stress because I can't get everything checked off my "to-do" list that day. I should be thankful for the time I do have and enjoy the things and people I can, while I can....
You never know when a major earthquake or other tragedy will strike, and you will beg God for that comfort of all those peices that made up your life.

I hope this post makes sense (still not 100% from the bug) but I can say this...

I hope that you'll stop for a minute...thank God for what you do have, and ask him with an open heart how you can help others who may not have so much right now.

The picture I chose for this week is a photo
Just a little reminder that through life's storms and dark clouds, there will always be a rainbow. Sometimes its so faint, that you'll almost miss it, but just have Faith that God has got bigger plans for us all!
Prayers and love going out to Haiti!

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  1. :) Beautiful... You are SO right. And a perfect depiction using that picture.. that through the storms, there is the rainbow...even if we can't see it, we just gotta somehow believe it will be there waiting...


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