Monday, January 25, 2010

happy accidents...

Do you ever have those days where you realllllyy realllly want to be productive, but all you can do is sit there and beg the universe to instill some form of creativity or inspiration in you?!
...Well that about sums up my last week on the creative front!
I wracked my brain all week trying to find not only the time and energy, but the right creative designs for the cards. As much as I was loving painting, it felt like pulling teeth trying to conjure up the 'right' images. I repeatedly asked myself what everyone else would want to see on the cards.
Now dont get me wrong, its good to ask yourself what you audience wants to see...but its not so good when you spend more time thinking, than you do imagining, and creating!
Finally frustrated, I found some scrap watercolor paper (although any part of a sheet of $6 watercolor paper should not be considering a scrap!!). I broke out the 'good' tubes of watercolor paint, put on some good music and just p-a-i-n-t-e-d! And needless to say, the result was pretty cool! It was a breathe of fresh air to play with the colors, draw fun shapes, and create some kind of abstract world that could really give reality a run for its money.
So I guess I can wrap up with this...What is it that you LOVE to do? Whether its painting, singing, acting, reading, playing sports, etc... dont put so much pressure on yourself to conform to what you think everyone wants to see....just do it because you love it. You never know when your 'happy accidents' might be the spark that some one needs to light up their day.

This weeks picture is a close up of one of the cards I made last week....just vibrant colors, fun shapes...a little escape....enjoy!

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