Monday, February 15, 2010

Special delivery...

OK, first off, please forgive my tardiness with this post. My computer's been kinda ill, making it hard to get online and update this blog!

Do you like magic? Do you like how something can seemingly appear out of nowhere? Well, in a way, that's how God works, except on a much higher, holier level of course! :-)
Did you know the word "creator" literally means "one who makes something out of nothing."
How many times have you felt like "nothing" you weren't making a difference, or like you have nothing special to contribute to this world? I think we've all been down in that pit before.
We have to remember this:
God is not only our Heavenly Father, our Savior, our friend... but our CREATOR. No matter how little or nothing you feel about yourself, God can make something out of you. Most of the time, he uses us to impact the lives of others, when we don't even realize He's doing it!
So saying this as a reminder to myself as well, please please please go out and LIVE, pursue your DREAMS! You never know how God is going to use you to turn someone else' day around.

This week's image is a card for one of my sweet friends who just gave birth to her first baby.
Congrats to the Taylor family on the birth of little Stephanie Rose!

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  1. Wow...and so you continue to amaze me. I would say, "where the heck do you get this stuff?!" But I know He's using you, making something pretty darn special outta you kid ;) ...even when you think no one reads these...People do, people will. Keep putting your light out in the world! Proud ya always...
    -Your sister.


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