Monday, October 18, 2010

Paging Dr. Me....

Hey All,
No super amazing updates this week but just wanted to check in and show ya a couple of new cards.

Oh by the way, I am keeping the pink font again this week since its still October and still Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you haven't checked out the featured card this month, please do.
Remember $5.00 of every card will be donated straight back to Susan G Komen. 
  (click the picture for more information)

I know money's been tight for everyone, so as much as I would like to encourage you all to pick up one of these hand painted cards, I understand if you can not. What I will ask though, is if you would please take 5 seconds and repost this on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. The more exposure we can get, the more money we an raise for a great charity. And hopefully a few extra smiles will be had when they get their new "A Shade of Hope" card.

Last night I got a random burst of creative inspiration and popped out 4 new custom cards. This was for 2 birthday, a wedding, and a sympathy card. I felt like a Dr delivering babies, running from room to room trying to find the materials to build each of the cards. It was fun and refreshing! Hope you like them!

Remember you can always email me with your special card requests.
Stay blessed this week and thanks for reading! :-)

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