Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cat on a tree...

Well, now that Pink month is over we are back to your basic black font. October was a somewhat slow month for cards, but we still managed to raise $10 that will be donated to fight Breast Cancer. I am very thankful for the donations that were were able to raise! Thanks for all who helped.
So do you ever feel like it's too quiet? Ya keep hanging on trying to do your thing, whatever that is, hoping for a change. Then BAM, suddenly opportunities fly at ya!
I came across a very appropriate scripture this week, right after I got through complaining to God that I felt like I wasnt seeing results in my life...
"Remember Jesus' example. Wicked people were doing evil things to him, but he held on. Never get tired and give up".
For me, that was confirmation that no matter how hard the world tries to block you out, or push you down, you gotta keep believing in what you are doing, and refuse to let it go.
I have some great opportunities coming up for my artwork. Not sure which them will work out, or which ones wont, but I am going to step out and give them a shot, because I truly do believe that what I am doing will someday make a positive difference!
So if you've ever felt like that cat hanging on the tree branch that says "hang in there"....remember it's going to be worth it!
This weeks pic is a painting I did last weekend and was blessed enough to sell it to a good home only days later! :-)

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