Sunday, January 2, 2011

Try a refreshing sip of the all new 2011

And now presenting the first post of 2011!
I think its safe to say that I, like everyone, am sooo ready for this new year. 2010 had its good moments, and bad moments, but its time for a much needed fresh start.
So what are all of your creative goals for the new year? I have alot of ideas for Lisscat Creations and am very excited to start to bring them to you. By the way, thank you for everyone's support over the past year, it means so much! :-)
So 1st on the line up for 2011 is finishing my sketchbook. Those of you who follow me, probably remember me mentioning my sketchbook is taking part of a multi city tour across the US along with many other pieces of art, before becoming a part of the the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Library.
I have about a week to finish 10 more pages. Ive attached a couple of pictures from the sketchbook. 
The theme is "If you lived here" and is just going to be inspired, light hearted, and fun.
I have pages like "If you lived here, cats couldnt meow before 10am". Anyone who is a pet owner can appreciate that one! :-)
Well, I hope you all are ready and inspired for a new year. Remember we are blessed to have this fresh start, and you each are still here for a reason. This is the time to go after your dreams and get ready for an awesome new year.
Oh, PS.... I am really really going to try and keep up with weekly updates for you guys. Keep me accountable and let me know what you wanna read or see!
Love to you guys and happy new year!

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