Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back 2 Bliss

Well, as most of  you know, one of our very own "LissCATS" just had a very serious surgery. Bliss had a tumor removed the size of my fist, and the Dr's had to physically remove and then rebuild the entire side of his abdomen. The poor little guy is recovering slowly, but thank God he is still here with us, and fighting!
This procedure ended up costing us a pretty penny, or... however many pennies are in $1000 dollars!
Anyone who knows me, knows my pets are my babies! If they have a chance to be happy and healthy, I just can't let money stand in the way of that. So, I've been selling my artwork in hopes to raise money for Bliss' surgery.
Thanks to all of you, we have raised about $600 within a matter of days! Your love and support mean the world to us!
I am going to post some of the artwork that is available. If you are interested, please drop me a line at
All proceeds will go to support Bliss' surgery and recovery.

WOLVES - 9" x 12" linocut print ($30.00)

HAND OF GOD - 36" x 24" Mixed media on canvas ($125.00)

ANOTHER WORLD - 7" x 15" mixed media on paper ($35.00)

GOOD LIFE - 7" x 9" mixed media on canvas ($35.00)

SOLO ROJO - 30" x 24" Mixed media on canvas ($100.00)

MASKS - 14" x 18" Original painted screen print ($55.00)

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